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Flowline & Pressure Control Equipment

TPS offers reliable Pressure Control equipment and flowline and iron maintenance, repair, inspection, and recertification services at TPS facility, or on-site customer location to enhance and extend iron life, reduce operation costs, and ensure the safety of the equipment. From new commissioning to total iron management utilizing program iron, the inspection services can be tailored to help minimize customer downtime and maximize equipment utilization. 

TPS offers a service program on different flowline products to customer requirements and manufacturer’s standards which consists of iron refurbishment, repair and maintenance, recertification and documentation, surveys, inspection, replacement of parts, assistance during commissioning, installation, competency, and training programs.

TPS technicians are fully qualified and trained in all aspects of PCE and iron inspection and repair including visual inspection, NDT, and pressure testing. Maintenance and recertification of PCE and flowline include:

Our qualified and experienced field services team is available 24 hours a day to deliver exceptional services on-site.
TPS LLC offers a mobile unit package that includes iron maintenance, repair, inspection, pressure-testing, documentation, and iron recertification at the customer’s project location.

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